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Residential: Residential cleaning includes walls, ceilings, base boards, window frames (window itself not included), plate covers (including outlet and light switch covers), doors, and door frames! If needed, the furniture and anything moisture sensitive will be wrapped in protective plastic prior to cleaning. We will also move any furniture or household décor that might prove to be an obstacle. The cleaning process itself includes a hot spray multi-purpose cleaner solution that ranges from 180-200 degrees F, then we use microfiber applicators and panels to scrub. Any overspray or mess is later cleaned up by our techs. This process is good for making a clean base for any upcoming wall-painting projects. A clean base is important if you don't want your paint-job to pop, peel, or crack after drying. It's also great for removing layers of oily-soil (typically the result of fragrance burners including candles and/or oil or wax burners) from permanent smoke damage for which paint can adhere to.  


Commercial: There are always some materialistic and/or circumstantial properties that require special needs when cleaning, which is why we encourage you to call us for a free estimate to get a sense on how we can meet those needs. In terms of generally cleaning commercial facilities, the method of cleaning is entirely circumstantial to the area we're cleaning. For example, one should never clean a heavily electrically utilized area with water, nor should one use heavily acid based products on delicate materials. How we clean the specified area(s) is heavily dependent on the area itself. (Call us for a free estimate: +1 866-490-8379) 

Industrial: The scope of cleaning in industrial situations can vary drastically from one job to another, which is why we strongly encourage and require a free estimate before proceeding. We can clean corrugated metal walls, vinyl insolated walls, cinder block (painted or not, it doesn't matter), ceramic and stone walls, and more. For ceilings we do truss systems, corrugated steel, vinyl insolated, etc. We also offer the cleaning of conduit light fixtures, crane rails and others like exhaust fans, barriers (such as safety barricades), and industrial equipment. Most interior and exterior industrial cleaning includes open and closed power washing methods (open commonly being performed in a contained and controlled area prepped with plastic spray zones and vacuum hoses, while closed is generally performed with hand-held equipment capable of ridding of excess spray). One of our many goals is to avoid cross contamination with the surrounding environment. (Call for free estimate: +1 866-490-8379)