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Stripping & waxing

We offer stripping & waxing and floor service plans for our customers! 

The process starts when we apply the wax stripper to the floor, and use a rotary scrubber to remove wax and clean the floor itself. Squeegee vacuums are used to pick up residue or debris. After the floors are mop rinsed and dried, at least three coats of 25% solid finish is applied before completion. 

Wood Floor cleaning

Here is a fantastic way to get those wood floors back to beautiful! We have products designed for natural wood, and the cost is only a fraction of refinishing! 

First the wood floor is prepped with a good sweep and some spray cleaner. Then it's polished with a buff and dried. once the floor is dry, at least two coat of wood floor finish. The finish dries within 25 minutes, and is able to be walked on within an hour. It is cured (hardened and completely dried) after 24 hours. 

Water Restorat